Medico Chirurgo
Specialista in Idrologia Medica e Clinica Termale

Master in Medicina Estetica
Direttore Sanitario
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Dr. Michela Giovannetti was born in Piombino (Li) on 10/01/1969


Medico Chirurgo – Specialista in Idrologia Medica e Clinica Termale

She studied two years of Medicine at the university of Siena and later at the university of Medicine and Surgery in Pisa. She attended as a pupil the Institute of Dermatology at the university of Pisa. She graduated with full marks with an experimental thesis entitled “Veino occlusive ulceras of the lower limbs”.

In the same year she obtained the statal exam for the qualification for the medical profession and she enrolled to the Order of Doctors and Surgeons of Livorno.

Her daughters Carolina and Camilla were born respectively in 1997 and 2002.

From 2001 to 2004 she perfected her formation attending numerous courses of Advanced Formation at the Aesthetic Medicine School Vallet in Bologna.

From 2001 to 2008 she offered her medical service at the Wellness Center Garden Club and Riva degli Etruschi. She started her practical/educational path as Aesthetic Doctor supporting herself with Masters of national and international import.

In 2005 she won a competitive exam at the school of specialization in Medical Hydrology and Thermal Clinic at the University of Pisa. In the same year she started her practical formation at the Talassotherapy Center of Tombolo Talasso Resort in Castagneto Carducci, where she currently has her activity as Specialist in Hydrology and Thermal Clinic, as Sanitary Director, and as Aesthetic Doctor.

In 2009 she attended the specialization in Medical Hydrology and Thermal Clinic with an experimental thesis entitled “Sinergy between Talassotherapy and Aestethic Medicine”, with full marks and pubblication on wellness specialized magazines.

In March 2012 she completed the 2nd level Master in Aesthetic Medicine at the Institute of Plastic Surgery of the University of Siena, with full marks.

Since January 2012 to may 2017 she is Sanitary Director of the Talassotherapy Center Tombolo Talasso Resort in Marina di Castagneto Carducci (LI).

She is currently associated with numerous Italian Scientific Societies in the fields of both Aesthetic Medicine and Medical Hydrology.

Aesthetic Medicine

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