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Vulvar Rejuvenation and Remoulding

Because of the changes in a society that involves us, also in a mature age, in new interests and new loves, genitalia’s aesthetic gains a new and great interests. Hence, the need to feel at ease and young even after the 50es and after having kids. The new tendency is to give back turgidity, hydratation and elasticity to a tissue that, like all the others, is negatively affected by various aging factors, especially the hormonal ones. Modifications occur very slowly but tend to increase in the period of menopause. We have a progressive reduction of collagen and elastic fibers, the colour won’t be rosy anymore for a reduction of vascularization, the vaginal mucose will be laxer. There will be a reduction of the volume (vulvar hypotrofia), more evident near outer labia, due to an involution of the fibro-adipose tissue and reduction of elasticity and hydration near the inner labia.

Modifications typical of menopause:

– The clitoris gets smaller, especially if menopause has been early.

– The hair gets thinner and becomes white, the mons pubis flattens.

– Reduction of vaginal lubrification, the excretions change their chemical composition, their colour and smell.

– The vagina’s pH goes from 3,5-4,5 to 5,0-5,4 since a drop in the production of glycogen, offering a less effective protection against many  bacteria, supporting the insorgence of cystitis and vaginitis.

Methods used for the vulvoplasty: Hyaluronic acid filler and/or PRP

The rejuvenation of the female genital area is adressed to the treatment of hypotrophies of the outer labia and to the restoration of hydration and elasticity of the tissues through a hyaluronic acid filler. To prevent and contrast the physiologic aging and improve the conditions of trophism and cutaneous elasticity we can occur to infiltrations with biostimulating substances such as PRP.

It is an innovative method of rigenerating medicine, based on the properties of the “growth factors” present in our blood. In nature, PRP is a source of growth factors stimulating che development of the bone and the soft tissue (skin, subcutaneous layer, myofascial tissues) of our organism, improving the answer to biological damages.

Today, the specialist can obtain the PRP with a high concentration of factor of growth from the platelets, thanks to a technique that involves a small drawal of blood and its centrifugation in order to separate platelets and plasma from the remaining part of blood. Grafted in the treatment zone, PRP accelerates the cell proliferation (especially staminals), supporting the repairing process and the revascularization of skin and scalp, other than the collagen synthesis. Everything with no side effects, since it is a natural substance, derived from the organism of the patient himself.

It is a new non-invasive treatment that permits, through the infiltration of growth factors that stimulate the regeneration of tissues, to improve the exterior outlook of the vulva (outer labia) and to reduce vaginal dryness and correlated diseases (burning, itch, dyspareunia which is pain during sexual intercourse). PRP is a necessary therapy for the treatment of many illnesses such as: dryness, atrophy, itch, burning, reduced lubrification, loss of elasticity. PRP is therapeutic also in aesthetic ginecology, to operate a female genital rejuvenation, in case of early or physiological menopause, or post-partum.

Vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation with PRP is adviced for fertile women with hypotrophic, hypotonic and less turgid outer labia, that wish to improve the outlook of the vulva, and for women of any age that suffer from vaginal dryness and difficulty during sexual intercourse. Viceversa, the remoulding through hyaluronic acid filleris requested by those women who have thin and asphyctic labias and a psychological aesthetic disease.

After applying on outer and inner labia an anesthetic cream, a very thin needle with filler is injected in the skin in case of remoulding, in case of rejuvenation PRP is injected. The protocol consists in 3 sittings of PRP, once a month. The patient can come back home immediately after the treatment and can go back to her everyday activities immediately. After 48 hours it is possible to practice sports and to have sexual intercourse.

From the platelets, growth factors come out to promote the neosynthesis of collagen, elastyn and hyaluronic acid from the fibroblasts, and in this way they stimulate and accelerate the natural process of renewing of the vulvar skin and the vaginal mucose, improving its tone and trophism.


Is it possible to get pregnant with the treatment still not reabsorbed? Yes, there is no interference between the treatment and pregnancy.

Are the injection painful? The pain during the procedure and after is scarce or absent.

How long does it take to operate the treatment? The treatments of both PRP and filler require about 30 minutes.

After the treatment is it possible to keep using internal tampons? Yes, the treatment does not interfere with the use of tampons.

Is it possible for the injected filler to move from its position? No, once inserted the product stays in its original position until complete reabsorbing.

How long does the treatment last? Considering the individual variability due to metabolism, physical activity, sun rays, smoke, alcohol, the average duration is from 6 to 9 months.

Does the material used for the treatment contain hormons? Absolutely not. The product is natural and contains no trace of hormons.

Can the treatment affect the menstrual period? No, it can’t.

Price: starting from 450 euro.

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