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Botulinic Toxin Treatment

It is the most innovative and revolutionary tratment to fix wrinkles.

The effect is surprising as it gives the same results of a surgical lifting with total leveling of the wrinkles present in the treated area. It is a filler that acts on the neuro-muscular endings provoking the relaxation of the muscle and the consequent disappearing of the wrinkles in the treated area.

The method consist in the injection with a very small needle, without anesthetic, on the muscles of the forehead, procerus and/or eye orbital (“chicken legs”), it leaves no mark and it requires less than 10 minutes.

The result of the treatment has no immediate effect but just after a few days results start showing until the total result after 15 days.The Food and Drug Administration has definitively extended the aesthetic use of the botulinic toxin A type

Duration of the implant: from 4 to 6 months Price: starting from €350,00

The botulinic toxin is used since many years in the aesthetic medicine for the treatment of dynamic wrinkles of the face.

Dynamic wrinkles are the ones caused by muscular hyperactivity, such as

-glabellars (wrinkles between the eyebrows, who lends a thoughtful and tired look) -wrinkles of the distal part of the muscle of the eye (the so called “chicken legs”) -wrinkles across the forehead -platismatic bands of the neck

The botulinic toxin can also be used to lift up the external side of the eyebrows that tends to lower with the age. It acts on the neuro-muscular plaque interfering with the trasmission of the signal from the nerve to the muscle and provoking a reduction of its contraction.

The use of the botulinic toxin is, therefore, a valid therapy for hyper-hydrosis, that is the excessive tendency to sweating (hands, feet and armpits), that can be very bothering especially during the summer and can be invalidating for the social life.

Duration: the effect of the botulinic toxin is not immediate, but it takes several days. The complete result can be seen after 15-20 days. The effect of the botulinic toxin lasts for a period different for every patient, from 4 to 6 months. After such period the wrinkles gradually reappear and slowly return as they were before the treatment. The treatment can be repeated successively.

For at least 48 hours after the treatment the patient should not:

-sunbathe or use UV lamps -wear helmets -expose the treated area to sources of heat -massage the treated area -practice intense physical exercise -drink alcohol

Botulinic toxin can’t be used on patients who suffer from:

-Hypersensitivity/allergy to botulinic toxin or albumin -Muscular diseases such as Miastenia Gravis -Infections or inflammation of the treating area -other than pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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