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Soft Lifting with intradermal suture threads

Beauty is hanging by a thread…

Soft lifting with intradermal suture threads to fight the cutaneous caving in of the face and the body.

The soft lifting with intradermal sospension threads represents one of the most effective, innovative and immediate solutions for the rejuvenation of face and neck. These are very soft threads put in tention by cones anchored to the subcutaneous tissue with consequent lifting of what gravity has put down. The implant of these threads requires a simple local anesthesia.

It is a non surgical but medical lifting, executed in the clinic throught the use of reabsorbable threads, used since decades in the field of cardiology, able to lift up the jaw border and the cheek and give tone to the skin of the neck. This result is due to the mechanical action of the thread and to the stimulation of regeneration on the tissues, so the results obtained are very natural. This technique represents something absolutely new, it permits to improve and solve almost definitely the cutaneous relaxation of the face, but also in other areas of the body, without surgical treatment. The threads come from an american production and have been approved from both american FDA and european CE.

The treatment lasts about 30 minutes, the procedure is simply and almost painless. The threads are composed by a biocompatible and completely reabsorbable substance. The treatment’s effect can last up to two years, but since there is a stimulation on the formation of new collagen that tends to tonify the skin, the treatment can last even longer. The threads are inserted with a procedure of day-hospital throurgh the introduction of a small needle and operate on the traction on the facial structures through small retentive cones, posed on the edges of the suture, that stick on the tissues permitting their uplifting and the restructure of the cheek, the jaw border, the neck and the eyebrow.

Side effects: possibility of a bruise and/or a small cutaneous depression in the point of introduction of the needle, that heals completely within 7-10 days.

The price depends on the number of threads that have been used, starting from 700 euro. For a detailed estimate it is necessary a specialistic examination.

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