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Soft Lifting with POD threads

Beauty is hanging by a thread…

They form a new intervention on the antiage treatment non-invasive for face, neck and body.

POD threads (polidioxanone) are a medical device used for years in cardiovascular surgery to obtain a stimulating effect on the proliferation of collagen to give support to the tissue. In aesthetic medicine the same effect means a lifting effect.

Through the insertion of auto-anchored threads on the interested tissues, a biostimulation through the tissue is determined via stimulation of fibroblasts and collagen.

Such stimulation results in a growth of the tone and the elasticity of the skin.

Their use is reserved to give turgidity and consistence to areas like cheeks, neck, inner arm and thigh.

After 6-8 months POD threads are completely reabsorbed through hydrolitic action, in a completely natural way, but the biostimulation and the lifting effect are lasting, because the mechanic support produced by the threads, stable for 6-8 months, will generate an important endogenous stimulation.

Price: from 280,00 euro.

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