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PRP Platelet Rich Plasma

What is it?

It is an innovative method of rigenerating medicine, based on the properties of the “growth factors” present in our blood. In nature, PRP is a source of growth factors stimulating che development of the bone and the soft tissue (skin, subcutaneous layer, myofascial tissues) of our organism, improving the answer to biological damages.

What does it consist of?

Today, the specialist can obtain the PRP with a high concentration of factor of growth from the platelets, thanks to a technique that involves a small drawal of blood and its centrifugation in order to separate platelets and plasma from the remaining part of blood. Grafted in the treatment zone, PRP accelerates the cell proliferation (especially staminals), supporting the repairing process and the revascularization of skin and scalp, other than the collagen synthesis. Everything with no side effects, since it is a natural substance, derived from the organism of the patient himself.

Results? Younger skin

Particularly, PRP can be used to rigenerate and, therefore, rejuvenate, not only the skin of face, neck, cleavage and hands, but also abdomen, vulva and legs. Once obtained the solution, the specialist inject it subcutaneously with microinjections about 1-2 cm far one from another. We obtain immediately a fair “filler effect” in the interested areas, but the most evident results are shown in about a month of time. Thanks to the stimulation of collagen cells and elastin, the skin appears more turgid, brighter and more compact. Acne, signs and scars are visibly reduced.

Stop the baldness

This tecnique appears promising also to oppose the loss of hair, as a valid alternative to the traditional medical therapies anti-loss that involve the use of drugs (i.e, finastride) with many side effects. The principle of PRP therapy is that the growth factors present in the platelets are able to stimulate the activity of staminal cells in the hair follicles still present, but silenced or suffering. It is recommended in all stages of androgenetic alopecia, male (it affects 85% of men) or female (affects about 50% of women in menopause and a high number of women in their fertile age), even if it is advisable not to intervene on a completely bald area, but interested in thinning and miniaturisation of the hair. Besides, PRP is employed successfully in cases of localized alopecia and in patients already exposed to autotransplant of bulbs of the hair follicle, to support a faster rooting, stimulate the growth of silent bulbs, improving the surgical result.

Sittings and results

It is an outpatient method which takes place in about 30-45 minutes. There is no need of particular preparatory analysis, but it’s always better to do a blood examination, especially if there are problems of coagulation or epatic functionality. The sitting starts with the withdrawal of 5-6 ml of venous blood. The phials are put in a centrigue that, in a few minutes, separates the elements of blood and allows to obtain a gelly mass, the PRP, source of growth factors. After anesthetizing the treating areas, the specialist inject the obtained solution. The patient can continue immediately with its usual activities. The hair starts to grow back after 1-2 months after the first sitting, reaching the top growth after about 6 months. To increase the result further, in cases of severe thinning, the procedure is repeated after 2-3 months. Generally, later a sitting once a year is enough.

Price: starting from 280 euro

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