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Peeling face, neck, cleavage



Peeling face, neck, cleavage

The peeling is a skin treatment capable of removing part of its thickness, like a slight peel.

The most used are chemical peelings that through the application of acid substances cause a controlled superficial damage that provokes in a few days’ time the loss of a slight layer of skin, like a sunburn. The skin, especially on the face, is always exposed to external agents (heat, cold, pollution, sun rays), to detergents and make up that make the skin look opaque and old, not to mention acne, chicken pox, sunburns that often leave marks.

Peelings are able to remove the first layers of skin softening acne scars and deleting spots, superficial wrinkles or other blemishes of aging, uniforming the colour of the skin and giving it both brightness and compactness. The peeling acts as a skin rejuvenator, stimulating fibroblasts to produce collagen and increasing its thickness and elasticity. The chemical peelings we dispose of today are very effective and safe from side effects that would compromise any relationship. That’s why they are very usable and appreciated by the patients.

It’s up to the aestethic doctor to mix the chemical agents in the correct proportions and to choose the kind of peeling most suitable to the blemish and the kind of skin. An average cycle consists of 3 to 6 treatments.

Price: 90 euro each sitting (face, neck, cleavage); 150 euro each sitting (body)

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