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Needling treatment

Needling is a mechanical biostimulation method.

It works on the principle of the CIT (Collagen induction therapy). The skin, through very small needles is exposed to multiple micro-traumas that cause processes of natural rebuilding of the tissues stimulating the fibroblasts to produce collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin to improve thickness, tonicity and distension of the skin.

The stimulation reaches also the cells that compose the capillars with an effect of angiogenesis that provokes an improving in tissue perfusion.

Recommended for:

-stretch marks

-traumatic scars

-post acne scars

-rejuvenation of the skin

-vehiculation of biostimulating principles

-treatment of alopecia

It is painless at minimum depth. More energic treatments, where the needle reaches a depth of more than 1mm, require the use of anesthetical cream.

Side effects: slight reddening of the treated area. In more energic treatments, as for scars and stretch marks, the reddening lasts longer. In the period after the treatment is advised the use of hydrating and shielding cosmetics, and local antibiotics if necessary.

The treatment is not advised on particularly reactive skins or in presence of taleangectasies, where the post-treatment period can be more prolonged and difficult.

Price: starting from 280 euro every sitting

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