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Injectable Filler

A filler is a substance which is injectable in the skin with the purpose of removing the wrinkles from the face and increase and/or rebuild the volume of the lips but also increase the volumes of the face (cheekbones and chin) and fix cutaneous blemishes such as scars due to acne or traumas. This method is used with huge success since many years, it can bestow and elongate a naturally young look.

Whereas, as years go by, our natural production of hyaluronic acid lowers, a simple injection done with very small needles, reestablishes the lost volume, leaving the face its own natural physiognomy. It is a safe and effective treatment, accomplishable through topic anesthetic, it lasts just a few minutes and it doesn’t affect any relationship.

The implant lasts from six to nine months. The only possible side effect could be the appearance of a small bruise, that will be reabsorbed spontaneously in a few days.

Price: G1 advised for small ocular wrinkles 350 euro; G2 advised for medium size wrinkles 380 euro; G3 advised for deeper wrinkles or plagues and volumes 450 euro (cheekbones and medical rhynoplasty, which is the elimination of the hump of the nose)


It is the most modern technique of beauty. With flexible microcannulas with the bevel edge point it is possible, releasing hyaluronic acid, to treat wide areas of the face redefining a cheekbone, the jaw line and/or more simply the wrinkles of nose and lips with just 2-3 access points for each side of the face. The purpose of the treatment is to give to the face its natural convexities and the juvenile turgidity, to give back freshness and armony to the lines of the face. The treatment lasts less than an hour and thanks to local anesthetics pain is not perceived. The patient can go back to his social life since the day after the treatment. The effects of the treatment is different from one patient to another but it is average from six to nine months.


It’s a filler with hyaluronic acid specific to define the profiles of the body: gluteus, sides, scars, reentering breastbone…

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