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Cheiloplasty or lip filler

It is a medical intervention of great attuality, that permits in less than 30 minutes to increase the volume of the lips, define their outline or reduce the wrinkles that appear around the mouth.

Sensual lips should not present wrinkles, should not have a thin, irregular, asymmetrical or pitched outline and should not be too fleshy. Lips are the most important point of the whole face’s sensuality and should be simply in armony with the lines of the face, with the age, the race and the physical appearance. Mantaining this elements balanced is the way to reach the target.

Through topic anesthetic and the use of very small needles, we can implant hyaluronic acid on the lips’ mucosa and on their outline. Cheiloplasty is a simple treatment that lasts a few minutes.

The treatment can last for a period that varies according to the patient’s habits (smoke, alcohol, sun rays, irregular lifestyle can fasten the absorbing of the filler) but generally this period goes from six to nine months.

The only side effects can be a slight bump in the lips or a bruise reabsorbable in a few days.

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