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Biolifting is a treatment suggested to produce and mantain the youth of the skin, through reconstruction and reorganization of the structure of the skin itself.

“Preventing is better than curing” biorivitalization is the new tendence of Aesthetic Medicine to face problems to the root, but in a less invasive way, before the damage is too severe and advanced.

Biorivitalization is a medical treatment that completes in the derma those substances that our organism can’t produce adequately anymore (hyaluronic acid, vitamins, coenzymes, minerals, ecc) and that stimulates the microcirculation to support the turn-over of the cells, other than improving the elasticity of the skin, giving it hydratation and softness.

A mature skin decreases the activity of the microcirculation with consequent decrease of oxygen to the capillaries and nutritive substances to the cells (proteins, vitamins, salts, ecc) necessary for the cellular renovation. Such causes interact between them and cause the effects of the aging of the skin such as: apparition of wrinkles; loss of hydration, swelling and brightness; apparition of hyper pigmentation (spots); fall and withering of the skin.

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