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Aesthetic medicine clinic and spa

Aesthetic Medicine is understood in traditional medicine, addressed to the prevention and medical treatment of blemishes and dysmorphic features and the causes that have produced them, to the pursuit of physical and mental wellbeing of the individual, prevention and treatment of aging in all ages, not only understood as an aesthetic phenomenon, but as prevention of all the pathologies linked to it, through the involvement of some specialized branches that are involved in this goal, such as internal medicine, physical therapy and rehabilitation The Posture, food science, endocrinology, dermatology, geriatrics and gerontology (in its aspects anti-aging), phlebology and lymphology, thermal medicine, gynecology, andrology, small surgery ambulatory (with the exception of specialized surgery), laser therapy and laser surgery, cosmetology, psychology, pain therapy, the study and treatment of stress and sleep quality, the pursuit of wellness and the fundamentals of ethics and bioethics in aesthetic medicine.

Aesthetic Medicine, should not be limiting in its concept as a discipline directed to the simple treatment of the imperfection , but to the detection and treatment of all diseases related the blemish itself, which if ignored may encourage the development of secondary disorders or even the tertiary where prevention and treatment of medical expertise.

We should also not overlook the imperfections that almost always results in a psychological impact to the patient, who is in this discomfort , a disorder in its complexity body, and that his treatment is still important element of psychophysical equilibrium, protected and supported this concept also by the WHO ( world Health Organization ) which states that any medical act, should not be separated from the concept of psychological well -being that should be guaranteed to all peoples and all over the world.

Medicina Estetica Filler IniettabiliMedicina Estetica Biolifting Ringiovanimento ManiMedicina Estetica Biolifting RinoplasticaMedicina Estetica BioliftingMedicina Estetica Tossina BotulinicaMedicina Estetica Mesoterapia

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Aesthetic Medicine

Medicina Estetica Filler Iniettabili

Medicina Estetica Biolifting Ringiovanimento Mani

Medicina Estetica Biolifting Rinoplastica

Medicina Estetica Biolifting

Medicina Estetica Tossina Botulinica

Medicina Estetica Mesoterapia

Medicina Estetica Cheilopastica

Medicina Estetica Loboplastica

Medicina Estetica Peeling

Medicina Estetica Needling

Medicina Estetica Smagliature

Medicina Estetica Iperidrosi

Medicina Estetica Innalzamento Zigomi