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It’s important, performing any aesthetic medicine treatment, the respect of the peculiar facial phisiognomy, with no desire of homogenisation to any beauty standard, to value and intensify the uniqueness of everyone of us. A well done aesthetic treatment should barely be noticed because it must be in armony with face features, age, sex, race…therefore, with tastefulness.

The recourse to the aesthetic medicine tecniques is not a necessary medical act, as it is intended for the classical medicine, but it should not be considered as an unnecessary treatment or purely linked to oneself’s vanity. It is a strenghtened opinion that the aesthetic medicine represents a way to live better with ourselves, to accept ourselves, to adapt the appearance to the physical efficiency, to feel better. The concept of HEALTH should be intended not only as the absence of diseases, but as the wellness of body and mind; this is the concept introduced not many years ago by the World Health Organisation.

The extention of the life span and the improvement of life conditions brought more and more people, also those belonging to the so-called “third age”, in good physical conditions, thanks to a complete and balanced diet, to a more deep knowledge of the process linked to aging, to a bigger spreading of sports activities. Since the image we offer to the others has a fundamental value for social life, to keep on feeling good with ourselves, to keep on liking ourselves and be appreciated it is right to prevent some small blemish easy to fix, to approach an older age with serenity.

Our most important CAPITAL is HEALTH, it is our duty to preserve it.

THE DEVICES USED IN THE AESTHETIC MEDICINE These substances are safe, flexible, versatile, more and more technologic, capable in a few minutes to fix any flaw; to make the cutaneous texture of face, neck, cleavage, arms and hands fresher and more velvety; to change the contour of the face; to ridefine the jaw line; to lift up cheekbones; to make the nose rectilinear or turned up at the end; to fatten up the lips and make them look younger…through the use of simple small injections with the littlest trauma and no pain, we are able to make the patient happy.

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